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Lifelong Learning


Learning does not exist in a vacuum.  In other words, people do not learn just in schools.  They have the opportunity to learn every moment of every day throughout their lifetimes.  The key is seeing these opportunities and embracing them.  ASELIS will strive to ensure that all children will see these opportunities and embrace them by nurturing within them a love of learning, by making them aware of how exactly they learn most effectively, by training them how to learn in different contexts, and by helping them understand how learning leads to growth as a human being.

Fulfilled Lives

Each person has unique gifts given to them by God.  These gifts can waste away if not used.  Sometimes such deterioration is best, but most of the time, a person can somehow utilize those gifts to follow a passion, provide for oneself and for one’s family, and contribute to the growth of the community and the world.  This leads to a fulfilled life, or in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, self-actualization.  ASELIS will strive to ensure that each child has the greatest opportunity to lead a fulfilled life.


Strong Educational Foundation


A strong educational foundation entails five main components:

(1)      the ability to read, write, listen, and speak in the national         

(2)      the ability to apply basic and advanced mathematics to 
          real-world problems;

(3)      knowledge of history and the ability to use the lessons and    
          experiences of the past to guide oneself and one’s community 
          to a better future;

(4)      an appreciation of and understanding of the benefits of health of the

mind, body, and soul;      

(5)      the ability to grow as human being through lifelong learning     
          and character development.  


ASELIS will strive to ensure that every child receives this strong educational foundation.

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